My mission is simple: serve people to make the move in their life, whether it be from buying or selling their home on the tropical island of Maui or preserving the sustainability of the native island culture and lifestyle.



I am living the dream and you can too! Years ago, when visiting Maui for the first time, I imagined living here - seeing being able to see the turquoise blue ocean every day, eating fresh fish, papayas and mangos and dressing casually in open-toed shoes and tank tops. That was my dream. Now I live on Maui, one of the most beautiful islands in the world and I can show you how to do it too.

Growing up close to the County Fairgrounds in Washington State, I loved swimming in the lakes, getting to know my neighbors and community living in general.  When I grew up, I moved to Southern California and eventually settled in Santa Cruz, which had a care-free island-like lifestyle, similar to Maui. But the second I visited Maui for the first time, it was my dream to live on Maui. And over ten years ago, I move to Maui with my family and made that dream a reality.

My passion as a realtor is to connect YOU with the Maui community, its resources, and all it has to offer. I am a connector! I can unite you with the people and places that will allow you to live your dream on Maui.

Let me show you how to find your dream home in this beautiful paradise we call Maui.  I can connect you with your dream home - whether it's country living or city lights, ocean views or Haleakala sunrises, ocean activities or leisure lifestyles (or both!) - this is YOUR dream and I am here to help!  Let’s live the dream!